The incredible Lockheed YO-3A, serial number 007, was saved from the scrapheap by Greg Lynche.  Built under a top secret US Army program, the motorized glider is aurally stealthy and is able to do things that satellites are incapable of doing and is able to go places where unmanned systems cannot.  The only other flyable copy is at NASA.  Only those with a need to know are aware of 007's existence and capabilities.  If James Bond had been a pilot, the YO-3A--number 007--would've been his airplane.

Duncan Hunter was a poor smart kid with an uncanny knack for solving complex problems; he rose through the ranks of the Marine Corps to become a top fighter pilot.  He was on the fast track to becoming a test pilot when he was forced to eject from a jet; a shattered body and a lengthy rehabilitation removed him from the world of flying supersonic aircraft to fixing them.  Brought into the fold of the CIA as a contract pilot, supporting some of the Agency's most sensitive counterterrorism missions, his cover with the US Border Patrol and as a university professor pitched Hunter against challenges where terrorists flourish.  The experience shaped his politics.  Flying a top secret spy plane in the Middle East, Africa, and South America lends the novels a truly international flavor.

Greg Lynche, the former CIA Chief of Air Branch, stumbled onto the untapped flying talent of Duncan Hunter and brought him into the world of Special Access Programs.  Mentor and best friend to Hunter, Lynche is his political opposite--a liberal to Hunter's conservative.  Duncan Hunter is revered by Lynche, for his high moral standards and exceptional flying skills.  Lynche's pronounced sense of justice often leads him on a collision course with the pragmatic Hunter.

Nazy Cunningham; one-time Yale lawyer, one-time Muslim apologist, one-time Muslim wife, one-time Muslim spy; she breaks the bonds of Islam to become one of the CIA's most effective analysts.  She finds terrorists when they don't want to be found and leaves GITMO detainees a whimpering mess after interrogation.  And, she's Hunter's love interest.  Nazy is tormented by her complicated relationship with Hunter, the husband she ran away from, and her break with from Islam.  Hunter cannot let go of the woman who has proved to be the love of his life, despite her tendencies to get him into significant trouble without her realizing it.  The two of them cannot seem to live without each other.  Nazy's job is at CIA headquarters in Washington DC; Duncan's in Texas.  Whenever they get the opportunity to reunite, sparks fly.

Captain Bill McGee is the legendary US Navy SEAL, the most decorated commando in Special Operations history and the son of one of the Tuskegee Airmen.  Bill McGee is a man with many talents, and killing the enemies of America is his specialty.  He runs to the sound of trouble.  For failing to find Osama bin Laden in the mountains of Tora Bora, McGee was relieved of command and sent to the Naval War College, to end his storied career as an instructor.  There he meets Duncan Hunter who involves him the arcane world of quiet airplanes.  With his professional life in tatters, McGee credits Hunter for motivating and reinvigorating him, and they become fast friends.  True friends always come running when there is trouble.